Foundation Welcomes
New Board Member

Helena Duncan,
President & CEO of the
Business Council of Alabama

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The Alabama Community College System is celebrating 60 years of its establishment as a system. The ACCS Diamond Jubilee captures the best of Alabama’s 24 community and technical colleges. Beginning in April 2023, we will celebrate “community,” highlighting our impact on Alabama through students, faculty, staff and partnerships that make up one, unified system. We invite all of Alabama to enjoy events across our 24 colleges and to take the opportunity to invest in our forward path!

In partnership with the Paths for Success Foundation, four programs will highlight the ACCS Diamond Jubilee: the Campus Showcase, Diamond Jubilee Gala, Diamond Jubilee Golf Scramble and $600K for 60 Fundraising for Scholarships Goal.

How we help

removing barriers to new opportunities

Do you want to further your education or job training, but face difficult circumstances that prevent you from moving forward? The Paths for Success Foundation may be able to help you with big things like tuition or small expenses like gas, transportation or childcare that may be a challenge. We exist to remove obstacles and barriers from your path that keep you from pursuing a better, brighter future.

A man teaches a young man how to work on an engineA young woman fixes the engine of a carTwo young men in training learn about a machine part from their mentor
our mission

Eliminating barriers

Paths for Success Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to assist Alabama citizens in obtaining skills, credentials, and/or certifications that lead to gainful employment. The Foundation provides opportunities by eliminating barriers that impact an individual’s ability to participate.

invest in a better future for alabamians

Your tax-deductible investment will be a lifeline that helps create new opportunities to build their skills, get into the workforce, and contribute to a better Alabama.
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